Experienced PHP Web Developer

Seeking a Consultant?

I'm entertaining inquiries for small projects, but my time is very limited. Please Ping me with details about your project.

Are you a Recruiter?

Thanks for your relentless interest, however, I am not seeking employment or contract opportunities. Please don't waste your time. Seriously.

Since 1998, I've been working with companies and organizations to make world-class websites: ubiquitous global brands, up-and-coming small businesses, mom n' pop locals, and non-profits - all looking to harness the web for a competitive edge.

I've experienced building websites from many vantage points: as a consultant employed by a global agency, with a small local firm, and in freelance, as a technical lead with software companies producing SaaS and installable product, and as the sole web application developer in a biotech company where software and the web were a critical value add, but not part of the core business. My breadth of exposure to different business cultures provides me with a rich appreciation for how cross-functional teams composed of diverse business, geographic, and technical backgrounds can effectively collaborate to dream, cultivate, and deliver successful web applicatons.

Professional Summary

  • Well versed in all aspects of the web software lifecycle, from clarifying business needs, through UX/IA, visual design, and implementation.
  • 13+ years of web development experience (10+ full time, professional).
  • 10+ years working with a variety of open source and proprietary content management systems and "off-the-shelf" web applications.
  • Advocate of SDLC paradigms, best practices, and in building with web standards.
  • Expert with PHP/MySQL, Perl, and JavaScript.
  • Savvy with SaaS models, Cloud technologies, and RESTful web services.
  • Competent HTML/CSS developer.
  • Capable Systems Administrator (linux, virtual environments, windows).
  • Familiar with a breadth of development technologies, languages, and platforms - including alternative, emerging, and "fringe" topics.

At my core, however, I'm still simply driven by naive curiousity and a passion for creative problem solving through code. The web is constantly evolving, and everyday I look forward to new challenges where I can deploy my facilities, experience, and resourcefulness to conquer them. I enjoy what I do, and am grateful for opportunities to work with others engaged, inspired, and delighted by the web. Perhaps that's you?

To lean more about how I can help your organization, please paruse my resume and development portfolio. Of course, feel welcome to contact me with any questions or inquiries.

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